Bookmarking Asia

Asia: the new promised land of the millennium. After centuries of submission to its former colonial masters, it is time for the Asian people to revive in thriving economies and societies of the 48 countries in the continent. Occupying over 44 million km2 of land and sea, Asia is home to 3.8 billion people with several distinctive cultures and values.

With such humongous numbers, where do I even begin to write?

This blog will focus on an array of topics available on everything Asia, although things will be narrowed down to specific interests: economy, current issues, and culture. As a man sitting in Indonesia, I am at the heart of the continent and feel the vibrant movement every millisecond and continue to nurture growth despite all the hardships of a developing country. Years of closeted concentration on local issues have hindered my view, so this is a good time to broaden our horizons.

So how do I make a mind map? First, all posts should be put into the appropriate category, e.g. countries. Then the topics will be narrowed down to no more than 5 options. You will most likely find writings on history; a topic which has fascinated me for years. Next you will read some current issues that interests me. So basically this blog really is a bookmark on what I read, listen, and talk on Asia.

Are you ready to go on an adventure with me?! 😀



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