Singaporean Elderly Murdered by Maid

A shocking story was revealed last Thursday about an Indonesian maid arrested for having murdered her employer – an 87-year-old woman in Singapore. As quoted by Kompas, VDW (19), had only worked at Mrs. Sng Gek Wah’s apartment for 5 days when she murdered her employer amid rage from intimidation, such as scolding and persistent demands. Neighbours reported to the authorities that Mrs. Sng was a ‘tough’ woman on her maids; having heard yelling at VDW many times during the maid’s short tenure. However her family members denied all allegations saying that she was a woman with the habit of paying careful attention to details around the house, although they also admitted her impatient character. Court proceeding is underway and prosecutors asked for 20-year-jail term and the verdict is scheduled on March 7.

As a fellow Indonesian, reading this case put me into conflicts of emotion. First, a murder should never be justified for any reason, therefore my condolence to the grandmother’s family. However this also taught a good lesson for the Indonesian administration to pay careful attention to screenings of candidates before sending them abroad as domestic workers. VDW was proven to have falsified her documents by saying she was 23 years old at the time of application; a punishable crime of fraud in the country. Lack of psychological and emotional tests also put their quality into question.

My heart goes out to the bereaving family in Singapore, and to VDW and her family as well.